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Uhuru Kijiji Childcare Collective Info Session

  • 30 Aug 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom


Registration is closed

Community Response to Child Welfare

As a dual power do-for- self institution, run by the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) and our volunteers, the Uhuru Kijiji(Freedom Village) Childcare Collective takes the childcare and education of our children out of the hands of the state that colonize, oppress and kill our children and empowers the parents and our community to assume responsibility for the welfare of African children.

UKCC addresses a basic and fundamental need of, specifically, though not exclusively, poor and working-class African women, who, more often than not, are single mothers with the sole responsibility of caring for their children and for whom, the question of securing help with childcare is difficult and in most cases, non existent.

While our focus is on poor and working-class African communities, the UKCC is open to all sectors of the African community because we are specifically vulnerable to State intervention, therefore our job is to make the colonial government unnecessary in our lives. This info session will provide the info we need to create our own collectives to address the childcare needs of the African working class. Register today! 

Bringing black women into revolutionary political life!

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